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Pasquale GIARDINO (b.1961)

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Pasquale “Paski” Giardino was a founding member of the aptly-named Roar group of artists in the early 1980s, and the legacy of that unique, provocative experience continues in his paintings.

The group chose the name because all members were raw with youth and energy, and Roar was the perfect metaphor for their rampant enthusiasm. A movement with a distinctive naive style, Roar challenged the Melbourne art establishment and rejected the traditional academic values of the time.

This energetic foundation is still seen in Paski’s distinctive, modern work. His art is busy, impatient, colourful, naïve and intuitive with a brilliant dash of humour.

His well honed gift of observation of the banal and the everyday, married with an insatiable interest in ancient mythology, brings his paintings to life.

In a blaze of vibrant colour and bold shapes, they tell stories that are animated, humorous, chaotic and sometimes menacing, but which are always engaging.

Pasquale Giardino was born in 1961 in Melbourne of Italian heritage and studied art at the Prahran Institute in 1981-1982.

His co-founders of Roar included prominent contemporary Australian artists David Larwill, Mark Howson, Mark Schaller, Karan Hayman, Wayne Eager, Jill Noble, Sarah Faulkner, Judi Singleton and Peter Ferguson. The group formed one of Australia's first artist-run galleries, a co-operative studio space in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Typical of the group’s approach, it made a point of opening itself to those considered marginal to the mainstream, especially young artists and children, women and Aborigines.

Paski held two solo exhibitions in Melbourne in 1988 and 1991, and between 1982 and 1989 his work appeared in six group exhibitions in east coast cities and provincial centres. Pasquale Giardino is represented in several galleries and collections.


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