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Albert TUCKER (b.1914; d.1999)

Special Offers

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Art Nomad has recently registered as an Arts Partner with Beyond Bank Australia.

Beyond Bank have introduced an Arts Card to enable you to take your favourite piece of artwork home sooner with a 12 months interest free offer.

The Beyond Bank Arts Card saves you money by also offering a great ongoing purchase rate of 12.49%.


  • Interest free offer for an arts purchase through Art Nomad

  • Purchase artworks from $500 - $10,000

  • Purchase artworks from various artists or galleries (can also be used for commission pieces)

  • Ongoing credit facility with a purchase rate of 12.49%

  • Balance transfers available

  • You can choose to automatically pay a set amount, the minimum monthly payment or the total balance every month

Interest free arts purchase

0% for 12 months for an arts purchase through Art Nomad

Any outstanding arts purchase balance at the conclusion of the 12 month period will attract interest at the prevailing annual percentage rate for purchases.


  • Annual Fee: $49. Payable within the first month of the credit limit being funded

  • Refer to Beyond Bank’s Fees and Charges guide for more information 

If you are interested in getting an Arts Card to purchase some art from Art Nomad simply visit the Beyond Bank website to apply online:

For more information, visit or email


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