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Ross W. NEWTON (b.1958)

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“All the greatest creative milestones have been borne out of an almost ‘other world’ mind-set nurtured by a prudent background in compositional understanding,” says Ross Newton.

Newton believes that as human beings we retain a strong, constant connection to reality and therefore letting go of that is difficult for some. To ‘let go’, one must already have acquired skills and knowledge to appreciate the difference.           

Ross Newton’s artistic expression aligns itself more with exaggeration of feelings than strict representational values.  He works his theme through a series of sketches, discarding most and keeping only what actually matters. Once the final piece has been created, the rest of the series may never see the light of day again. Yet their importance cannot be overstated as a technique that is used to rid the final works of all the trivial interferences.  He has total commitment to a compositional resolve, which makes the viewer consider things from a different view-point.    

His ‘Somers Beach’ series resulted in over eighty sketches over several sittings across many weeks. Works like Domain A and B were drawn from one short series of sketches and then, once the painting began, continued over a couple of weeks. This ‘diptych’ work measuring 860x3500mm remains a milestone in his art career He considers ‘Interlude’ a very special work and found its origins in his daughter’s ballet classes.

“The road to creative eternity is a long, winding journey that comes without a road map,” Newton says.

“Who you will meet or what you will find if you get there becomes the most wholesome and embracing experience possible.”



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