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Ann CAMERON (b.1947)

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After completing her Diploma of Art at the Caulfield Institute of Technology in the late sixties, Melbourne born artist Ann Cameron taught graphic design and art. Celebrating the hedonistic days of London in the 70’s, Cameron studied ceramics whilst continuing her passion for painting.

Returning to Sydney, Australia, Ann continued painting whilst studying for her Degree in Architecture at University of NSW.
Today, Ann calls Melbourne’s beautiful Bellarine Peninsula home, where she paints from her studio, drawing inspiration from her favourite poets to capture dramatic plays of light, atmosphere and landscape across expansive canvas'. 
Cameron has featured in Exhibitions since 1986 at the University of NSW, was a Mosman Art Prize finalist in 1987 and her paintings have since featured in Private Solo and mixed Exhibitions throughout Victoria and Sydney.

For Cameron, her work is both passionate and physically demanding: Large, brush strokes  sweep across a massive canvas in expressive spontaneity, at first glance, seemingly non –referential, yet imbued with the emotion of powerful language.

Cameron says. “My work could be described as Gestural Abstraction.”

Using rapid layers of brushed lines, creating a surface composition of energy, gesture and colour, Ann moves around her work, in a physical, intellectual and emotional journey.

Celebrating the emotive words of poets such as Samuel Beckett, John Donne and Charles Bukowski, Cameron sweeps her canvases with the power of inspiration, language and thought. Through minimalist interpretation, Cameron underscores the strength of her compositions by linking them with lines from the poets.   

The influence of her architectural background is evident in Cameron’s use of minimal orthogonal lines and the play of light to make simple, strong statements.

Cameron’s admiration of the early 20th century abstract movement from American painters such as de Kooning, Pollock, Mitchell and Cy Twombly, combines with her love of emotive language to create her unique artistic expressions.

Ann Cameron’s works are visual poetry.


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