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Lani MITCHELL (b.1990)

Since her debut exhibition in 2009, Melbourne based artist Lani Mitchell has worked tirelessly, and has since completed her studies culminating in a double degree in Visual Art and Arts at Monash University, where she graduated with a double major in Painting and English Literature and a Minor in Film and Television.

Since her 2009 exhibition, Mitchell has sold over 90 paintings to collectors in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne and New York where 6 of her paintings hang in the offices of S.M.I. in Wall Street.  Mitchell is now launching her final Australian exhibition, before relocation to the United States to work under the guiding hand of Maxwell Gimblett.

Photo of ArtistMitchell is an Abstract Expressionist and the many collectors who have responded to the depth of emotion in her work find her impulsive style compelling.   She is inspired by the power, frankness and energy of 1960’s abstract artists – de Kooning, Krasner, Rothko, Pollock and Frankenthaler.

Her latest exhibition 'SKIN' presented 8 of her large scale works in acrylic based polymer synthetic enamel paint.  The work reveals an incredibly intuitive approach with fluid compositions, particularly attentive to textual forms, creating beautiful sensuality that draws the viewer into an experiential or emotional plane.

As much as Mitchell's paintings are executed in a feverish and frenzied immediacy, they are abstracted, layered with a deep consideration for the raw force that drives her creation. Mood and emotions merge and coalesce on the surface of the canvas.  The paint is performative, professing both an allusion to feeling, and also acting as a veil; disfiguring the layers of stories she builds into the weft and weave of the canvas.  The work is voluptuous.  Mitchell creates alchemic landscapes, full of passion, intensity and a lust for life.


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