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John MILDER (b.1951)

John Milder is a Melbourne-based sculptor who sees his craft as vital to his personal evolution towards self-realization. “When I am engaged in creating art, I feel fully alive and captivated by the unfolding revelation of the work,” he says.

He is an artist whose love of the manifestation of the three-dimensional form derives from his interest in music, philosophy and mathematics. His figures are fluid and harmonic, thought-provoking and geometrically pleasing. His patience and attention to detail comes from his father, who was a jeweller.

His background in engineering has contributed a sense of balance and structure. Working in stainless steel and bronze, he explores the fruitfulness of nature and the relations of human forms. The resultant pieces are both complex and accessible, masculine and feminine, static and dynamic.

When he works with drawings, the pieces are “symbolic, geometric and calligraphic”. When he works spontaneously, the process is “more passionate and fluid, and the figures are indicative of that”.

John is largely self-taught and had his first exhibition in Melbourne in 1990, subsequently moving to New York in 1992, where he lived and exhibited until 1996, before returning to Melbourne to marry and raise a family.

He has contributed to many exhibitions in Australia and the US, with commissions displayed in most Australian capital cities.


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