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Ben BEETON (b.1975)

Photo of artistAt first viewing, the paintings of Ben Beeton seem to be an explosion of swirling colour of indistinct form. But as the eye is drawn closer, complex and abstract patterns are revealed. 

Beeton aims to artistically render the drama of evolving life over time that determines the landscapes. He explores the paradox between evolutionary life and its individual static elements, and in doing so examines the ancient past and how it relates to the present environment.

Ben Beeton was born in 1975 in New South Wales.  He is a well educated young artist, having first studied Art at Toowoomba Technical College, obtained a Fine Arts Degree at Southern Cross University and completed his Honours at Deakin University in Melbourne

Ben Beeton’s artistic influences include Turner, Monet, John Wolseley and early Oriental artists.

“My landscapes are in flux: they are landscapes of shifting surfaces that depict the passage of deep time,” he says. “With these aesthetic and spiritual sensibilities the work has much in common with many ancient Chinese landscape artists.”

Through a fusion of drawing, painting, photography and computer generated images, he incorporates multi-media work with the traditional mediums. He is unusual as an artist in that he has a strong interest in science as well as a fascination with evolutionary forces. His art mirrors science and he is influenced by the writings of evolutionary writers such as Richard Dawkins.

An exhibition entitled "590 Million Years on a Flat Surface" illustrated this approach. The paintings depicted the evolution of life from the Cambrian Age of 590 million years ago to the present day, where one centimetre represented one million years.


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